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  • Metaverse

    Safari Pods. You will get your own personal space in the metaverse for holding our Rhinos. Not just any space though, a full on luxury living condo planted in the middle of the South African Savannah. The use of this space will evolve as the metaverse evolves in line with our creed: innovate everything.

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  • Technology

    Introducing 3DG. The first code that can randomize 3D traits natively in the 3D graphics environment before rendering. No Photoshop, no 2D layers, no compromises on the quality of Rhino World NFTs. Our proprietary and exclusive system can handle a billion combinations of traits in full 3D environment.

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  • ART

    Rhino World delivers the absolute gold standard of PFP art in the NFT space. Hollywood and the movie industry have spent 3 decades and billions of dollars developing CGI art into photorealistic masterpieces which bring pure imagination to life at 120 frames per second at 4096 × 2160 pixels.

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  • Community

    Refugee Program gives whitelist equivalent role to anyone who was left behind in other projects. If you got raffled over, grinded for weeks and no whitelist, got hacked or scammed, this program is for you. The truth is we don't always make it, but we have your back here at Rhino World.

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  • Conservation

    Rhino World has established partnerships with Warriors 4 Wildlife Sanctuary to make the most direct use of our efforts and funds to do real conservation work. Pre-Mint: We will send out a film crew to the sanctuary to film informational videos on the state of the Rhino population to bring.

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  • Faqs
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